Springbok Structures


Stretch tent specialists


Stretch tents first came to the UK in the rental market and have grown into an integral part of the events industry but many are turning to stretch tents as a solution for more permanent outdoor cover. A few subtle differences in the manufacturing process gives us a bespoke product that is more durable and can be designed to fit almost any space. They are 100% waterproof and come in a range of colours. Whether it is for a pub garden, school shade structure, outdoor dining space, rooftop bar or even private residence the stretch tent design offers an elegant and innovative way to cover and redefine any space.

Permanent outdoor cover


Everyone’s requirements are different. Some are looking for year round cover to appease our Great British weather. Permanent stretch tents allow you to have rain cover during the bad days and shade during the good. With smaller structures we can teach you how to erect and dismantle at short notice. Giving commercial venues the option to offer it as a weather guaranteeing add-on for events bookings. 

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Seasonal Weather Cover


Others choose to have seasonal cover which we can provide with installation, removal, storage and cleaning services. Additionally, once you have bought a stretch tent you can have us rig and re-rig it for events as often as you please. So many venues enjoy busy and lucrative summer periods as a result of their outdoor space only to see it go to waste during the soggy winter months. Springbok Structures can create a space to draw in the punters even in the depths of winter with lighting, heating and decor. 

Enhancing your outdoor space in size, shape or style


Our background in stretch tents, events and construction means we can enhance your outdoor space in size, shape or style. So whatever your vision, please do get in touch as we would love to help.

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